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Building the infrastructure for tomorrow’s logistics, today.

The story

We realized that in a world where technology brings us together from disparate parts of the world, buyers and makers in markets like logistics, still seem to exist on isolated islands. Such isolation prevents the matching of perfectly compatible supply and demand. As a result, Wamova was born to build bridges and alleviate the isolation (a.k.a. thicken the markets to allow for more matchings).

Today, Wamova is an online platform that connects shippers with transporters. It allows shippers to optimize their transportation costs and transporters to monetize their unused capacities.

The team

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Taha El Hajji

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Yassine El Hajji

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Mohamed Wael Khobalatte

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Yassine Laassel


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Get in touch

North America

1500 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20005
+1 (202) 288-7724


21 Rue Houtaine
Tangier 90070
+212 6 61 29 27 34


Renckstr. 1
76133 Karlsruhe
+49 1765 6897166

Or email us at: hello@wamova.com