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Wamova is a marketplace where you receive bids for your shipments from a large number of rated transporters.

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Some of the leading organizations in logistics trust us with their business.

Why use Wamova

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Reduce your costs

The larger network of transporters makes the process more competitive naturally leading to lower prices; playing the laws of supply and demand to your advantage.

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Improve your delivery times

Every transporter is continually rated and reviewed on punctuality, speed, security, and communication allowing you to always choose the best ones to optimize your delivery times.

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Find transporters to any destination

With the larger network, you easily find transporters to any destination.

How it works

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Post your shipment details

In less than two minutes, have your shipment up on the market.

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Watch as you receive offers

Sit back, relax, and watch offers from competing transporters come up.

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Choose the most suitable offer

Check the bids, delivery times, and ratings of transporters then choose the most suitable for your needs.


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